What is RURadar?

RURadar is an iOS app made to view Rutgers buses.

What does each screen/tab do?

Visit the main page to get a quick overview of the application.

In the Main Routes tab:

You can view all routes reported by PassioGo and how many buses are operating on each route.
Additionally, you can see "campus hints" - a list of the campuses for the stops on the route. This is optional, and can be changed in settings.

In an individual Route "popover":

You can use it to check where buses are on a route, ex: are there any LX's on Livingston?
You can use it to learn the order of stops on a route, ex: what is the order of stops on the A compared to the H route?
You can use it to view the ETA for (up to 3) buses at a stop, ex: when will the next EE be at the College Hall stop?

In the Stops tab:
You can view all stops that Rutgers buses service. There is a color coded system to show which stops are on which campuses (mainly for New Brunswick, which has several sub-campuses).

In an individual Stop page:
You can view all routes that (currently) service the stop in a horizontally scrollable list.
Additionally, you can filter the "Incoming Buses" list by route, to only show buses on a certain routes. Ex: you can filter by "A" and "H" routes when on College Ave to see which Busch buses come first.
You can view the arriving buses for this stop, sorted by their ETA. If you are at a crowded stop that has many buses coming in quick succession, such as the the Livingston Plaza, you can use this list to position yourself at the best spot to get a seat on the bus you want to take. Hint: always go for the front door - it clears out fastest!

In the Map tab:
You can view a map of all Rutgers bus stops, routes, and active buses.
You can tap on a stop to view its page, or tap on a bus to view its route popover.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about RURadar, You can contact us:

Made by Tadhg Jarzebowski

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