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Screenshot of Routes Page in the RURadar App

See all the routes, and how many buses are running for each.

Screenshot of long-press action on a route in the RURadar App

Favorite your most-used routes to quickly access them!
Notice those campus hints? They're great for new riders, and also for those who forgot if the A or B goes to Livingston.

A popover showing the EE route, it's stops, and current buses in the RURadar App

With live bus positions on the left, updated stop ETAs on the right, and a bright red "You are here" marker, you'll never miss your bus again.


A sceen showing the bus stops closest to a user in the RURadar App

See all the stops, conveniently sorted by location. No more fiddling with a map.

A screen showing a user searching 'an LX with open seats' in the stops page in the RURadar App

Search all the things, even if it was never meant to be

A page showing active bus routes and incoming buses for a bus stop in the RURadar App

Opening a stop quickly shows you which routes serve this location, along with all the arriving buses

A page showing incoming buses being filtered by the A and H route in the RURadar App

Filtering by only the buses you need helps eliminate distractions


A screen showing the New Brunswick Campus with Stops, the Route lines, and a single bus running

Visualize stops, see routes, and keep tabs on buses.

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