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A chrome extension that augments Quizlet's learning activities.

Before beginning, please install Quizlet++ using this link. Currently supported browsers include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I suppose anything that can run a chromium extension should work.


press Q++ button, look for green highlight on multiple choice, type whatever you want in written questions

Full Documentation:

Quizlet++ is only active on a certain subset of URLs. Specifically, these are https://quizlet.com/*/learn https://quizlet.com/*/write https://quizlet.com/*/match ("Test" mode is in the pipeline)

Once on these URLs, Quizlet++ can be activated in 1 way.

Upon activating Quizlet++, the button's text should be replaced with "Quizlet++ ✔️". The checkmark is using the local device's emoji characterset, so appearances may vary. Additionally, There should be a half transparent popup window in the bottom left of the screen with a message that states that Quizlet++ has been successfully activated. See video below.

Activation of Quizlet++. Nothing works until you do this!

Quizlet++ works by attempting to detect the text of the current question. It checks for this text when the button is first pressed, and whenever a change in the DOM is detected. (When elements on the page change.) It then searches the list of flashcards for a question that has a definition or term with this matching text. Unfortunately, two cards with the same text on them will be likely to cause problems, and cards with only images are not supported.

If the current text is successfully found, and a matching answer is found, Quizlet++'s behavior varies depending on the type of question being displayed.

In a "Mutliple choice" question:

A popup is issued that shows the detected text and the corresponding answer separated by "::". One can search for the correct answer by hovering with the mouse over each answer possibility. When the correct answer is hovered over, the border of the answer element will become a dashed green line opposed to the dark grey it would otherwise appear as.

Here I demonstrate the circle method, in which "circling" the mouse reveals the answer.

In a "Writing" question:

A popup is issued that shows the detected text and the corresponding answer separated by "::". Start typing into the answer box. When Quizlet++ detects a keypress, it lets the keypress go through. In almost an instant, it replaces the content of the input box with a portion of the correct answer with one more letter. "Spamming" the keyboard will tend to populate the input box with the correct answer quite quickly. I strongly recommend pressing "Enter" to submit your answer instead of clicking the "Answer" button, as this ensures the correct answer is submitted.

Notice how no matter what was actually pressed on the keyboard, the correct answer is filed in!

This covers the entire intended featureset of Quizlet++ as of version (Beta 5)

Any bugs or issues should be sent as a "Support" ticket through the Chrome Web Store or emailed directly to . I understand that Quizlet changes their site, and my code needs to be updated to respond. I would greatly appreciate it if urgent changes were brought to my attention through one of the two previously mentioned avenues instead of a low star review.

If this extension has helped you, consider leaving a tip/donation. I intend to keep Quizlet++ free and ad-free forever, and I do not collect data. Enjoy!